Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be thankful for all He has done. Be thankful from the bottom of your heart...

A bunch of my friends on facebook are posting 1 thing they are thankful for everyday until thanksgiving. I thought we could do that here.

Xavier- "stores"

Leia- "Grandma's"

Gaius- "Paulie"

Korleen- "that I didn't have to scrap a splattered dog off of our road this morning, and explain it to my children" (long story-short, the dog spent the night out running last night, man he's getting rebellious!!!) :-)

Marc- TBA


Cat said...

Who is "Paulie"? lol.

And I got a kick out of a song on your player-- that Owl City one. Dave likes them too. It's funny that you two seem to like the same odd bands from time to time yet you don't talk at all about music. :D

as told by: Korleen said...

Paul is a boy from church that we watch 3 days a week. Ask Roan he probably knows him!

I'm surprised Dave likes Owl City, Marc can't stand them. If Dave wants one of their albums let me know I can burn it for him.

Cat said...

Can't say I care for Owl City either LOL, but Dave would probably (appreciate) like a copy I'm sure. :)

Ahh yeah I'll have to ask Roan. He's missed going to Church and Mom's this past week.. I feel bad, but all these kids are so stinkin' sick! :(