Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pardon Me!

****Please bear with me while I explain something (trust me the conversation at the end of this will be worth a chuckle or 2). At our house we call farting "tooting". I'm not exactly sure why I started this. There just seems to be something disheartening about explaining to a 2 year old what a fart is called (you can blame my mother! She still won't say the word). So tonight at dinner this was one of the conversations we had.

Xav- "Mom, how much is college?"

me- "a lot"

Xav- "can you do homeschool for college?"

me -"yeah*, but you still have to pay money" *online courses

Xav- "well I hope that includes a tudor."

Leia- "I hate tooters"

Just another day with the Gingerbread Kids!

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