Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

*snow, snow, and more SNOW!!!! Over the past 4 days we've gotten more than 3 feet (why do we live in NY again?)

*here comes the "homeschooling long haul". No real vacations in sight for a very long time.

* I swear Gaius grew a couple inches over Christmas break. AND he recognizes G's as being in his name.

*my van has been broken down for a month and 6 days while. But is going to be fixed this week!!!!

*Leia is still a lover of all things shoes

*We've been watching through the first 2 seasons of Full House, and now my kids go around the house saying "Have Mercy!"- which I'm not sure I like, considering Uncle Jesse always says this after kissing various women.


*we are now the proud owners of an Easy Bake Oven....and Moon Sand (Grandma was NOT nice to Mommy this year)

*the Jets are going to the play-offs! All is well here at the Gingerbread house!


Carol said...

You live in the most fabulous place!!!!! I'm coming to townin Feb so it wil stop by then. I love easy bake oven cakes! You now you can bake an jiffy type mix (just add water)under that wonderful lightbulb.

Shelly said...

have mercy!

glad your van is getting fixed soon and sorry about the snow. it's pretty but i don't really miss it. =(