Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Husband is the Cutest

Here's why:

1. We keep our name a secret because Marc likes to "introduce the baby to the family".

2. He is planning on taking a full month off with this baby because "It's [his] all time favorite time of a baby's little life and he doesn't want to miss it. And it's the only time we've had enough vacation time saved up to do it."

3. He was as (if not more) excited and relieved to see our baby's heart beat and sono last week as I was.

4. He cares and takes a part in our children's education.

There's lots more, but these are the reasons that have come to my attention lately. I love him!


Shelly said...

so so happy that your husband is as lovely and loving as you are!

Linds said...

Marc is adorable! I will always remember him yelling at the nurse that I waited all night to get to see Xavier when he was born and I was going to meet him cause he was Xaviers Dad and basically he said I could!

Also, has your mom forgotten yet that I knew Xavier's name before he was born yet? I love your Mom :)