Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superpowers! Part One

No matter what anyone says. Pregnancy can do some WEIRD things to you.

Take for instance your sense of smell: Non- pregnant, no big deal. Maybe your sniffer is slightly better than your husband's but nothing to really phone home about. Pregnant, HOLY COW, we live in a smelly stinky world! Yikes! I can sniff out a rotten apple from 4 rooms away.

Now take your general adding skills: Non-pregnant, nothing crazy you can add along with the general public. Pregnant, you can now add 40 weeks forwards or backwards at any given time in 5 seconds flat. I stunned this poor lady at church the other day because she told me how far along her Daughter-in-law was and I told her approximately when she was due in a matter of seconds (she does happen to be only 4 weeks behind me, so it was pretty easy). But from the look on her face it's safe to say she will never be the same!

How about your personality: Non-pregnant, you're a pretty docile, passive person. Pregnant- YOU ARE ALWAYS READY FOR A FIGHT! I'm not sure if it's your inner protective mama bear coming out or what. But let me tell you, it is scary! I cannot stress this enough- DO NOT cross a pregnant lady.

Sleeping- Non-pregnant, you're fine keeping up (sometimes running past) your 3 kids, as long as you get your 6-8 hours sleep at night. Pregnant- you can literally not make it through the day without a nap. And even the thought of exercise makes you want to curl up with your blanket.

MUCH more to come...

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