Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Light!

I LOVE hand-me-downs! I love when one of my kids goes through a growth spurt and I can just go down to the basement and pull out the next size up!

This time it's Leia's turn. SHE IS HUGE!!!! She's 5 and a half and wearing size 7. It's CRAZY! She's a head taller than all the other little girls in Kindergarten. I over heard Xavier explaining why he's so tall to some of his peers the other day and I think he says it best. "I'm a St****, we just grow bigger than other people". So now I guess it's time to go through Leia's closet and pull out all the 6's, yippee *sarcasm*.

These children really have to slow down on the whole growing and getting older stuff!

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