Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Name Game

I feel like this is just turning into a pregnancy blog. But nothing much is really going on. It's February so things are pretty quiet around here (well other than cabin fever). So, really, the only thing I have to report on is baby progress. I guess you can either bare with me or else tune back in on August 30th. But then again the blog will probably be bogged down with actual baby info not just fetus facts.

ANYWAY. We've officially decided that we don't want to find out the gender of our baby (all right give me all the "You're crazy! It's the 21st century! How can you stand to not know?!?" comments. Get them out of your system). I want to have it be a surprise (even though I have a pretty good idea of what I'm having). And since we know the birthday already I want to have some excitement in the OR (because you know having a brand new little person join your family isn't very exciting in it's self *sarcasm*).

I know it's early but with our track record it's going to take the next 28 weeks to figure out a name for our child anyway. With Gaius I dont' think we ended up deciding until the 7th month and since we are not finding out the sex this time it should take twice as long to come up with 2 names right?

I have a boys' first name that I love- but Marc hates.
And he has a girl's name that he loves and I can't stand.
This type of conversation will go on for months and MONTHS. I've considered the possibility of letting him name one gender and me the other. But i just can't handle turning over that much control. It's not because I think he has bad taste (he did come up with the names for both our boys, and he likes to take credit for Leia-which just isn't so!) :-). I'm just afraid that he'll decide this time that our child needs a boring name and I want veto power!

I put a lot of thought into our children's names and still 2 out of the 3 have names that people mispronounce all-the-time. Which is a little annoying to me. So this time I'm taking that into account. Also since our families are so large that takes out another 38 names (to tell you the truth I don't really like any of those anyway). Not to mention that as soon as a name reaches the Top 100 list it automatically drops off my list of possible choices. Who would've thought that our kid with a name beginning with X would be the exception to this rule? So as you can see it's going to be awhile before we commit to anything. However, I AM willing to take suggestions! So let me have 'em!


Shelly said...

i thought i had a name for ezra for months and didn't find his name or settle on it until very late in my pregnancy. you'll just know when the perfect name comes up! good luck!

Cat said...

Well u know me.. Roan I had picked out around 6mths and with both Elric and Dutch it was the day or day after they were born. We floated Dutch around as a nickname, but nothing else fit him when he was finally born. I think that's the way to go-- go in with a LIST of names.. and just PICK the one thats perfect.. I would never do it any other way now. I'm sure you guys will find the perfect one. :)