Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dirty: on Diapers

If you follow me on facebook I'm sure you've noticed that I have been experimenting with several different brands of diapers over the last few months. Unfortunately diapers are very subjective and my opinion will not be the same as other's in the "diapering business".

These are my conclusions:

Huggies™- AWFUL!!!! I might as well have been putting Shoshannah in training pants. She would soak through these EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And apparently she pees quite often (like every hour or less).

Luvs™- Not much better than Huggies. She would pee through these within 2 hours. Which did not bode well for nights at all. BUT, I might try giving these another try since Shoshannah was on the top end (2# from it) of the weight limit for the size. Plus, the super cute monkey on them is, well, super cute!

Top Care™- Gave Sho a terrible rash! 'Nough said.

Pampers™ Cruisers- The best I've found so far. She does manage to pee through them at night a few times a week. But at least it's not EVERY diaper change. Unfortunately they are one the most expensive. But I think a full night's rest and empty laundry baskets are worth the extra cents!

Diapers I still want to try: Target brand, and Luvs™ in the next size up, Pampers™ Baby Dry. I just hate paying $7-$10 for a pack of diapers when I'll know the verdict by using approximately 3 of those diapers.

As you can see I based most of my above opinions on leak value. But I will tell you this Huggies were fairly soft, Luvs and Top Care are very paper-y, Cruisers where soft and thin.

***Side Note***
I have found that my ALL TIME favorite wipe is the Luvs™ Sensitive. They are fairly inexpensive, super soft, and gentle. I can only find them at 1 store, Family Dollar. At least it's a store that is in my area.

Daily Nuggets:
  • I rarely get very sick, but when I do LOOK OUT! I came down with Strep Throat on Monday. It was awful. Thank goodness we have lots of family near by, because I had to call in the reinforcements. After getting an antibiotic I'm feeling much better.
  • I LOVE my new camera! I still have lots to learn on it, but so far it's amazing!
  • Leia's foot is healing great! She can start putting weight on it! However, talking her into doing so is a bit of a challenge.
  • Shoshannah is a crazy little monkey girl! I'm thinking she's going to be very active when she is more mobile. When I lay her on the floor on her tummy she moves her arms and legs like she's swimming. (Hm, I wonder if she could swim if I put her in water?!) :-)
  • I'm gearing up to put on a new picture theme on our church website! The hosting site we use is launching some new things the beginning of April and I'm excited to make some changes!
  • Apparently Marc and I talk about promoting our church in our community a lot. Because the other day Xavier says to me. "Mom, do you think if I make a Little Big Planet [video game] world of our church it will help promote it?"
  • Gaius has been super stoked to not have to wear snow pants when he plays outside! He tells me so every time he's getting ready to go out to play.
  • Perhaps my next blog won't be completely baby related. Yeah, probably not.


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