Monday, March 7, 2011

This Glamorous Life

  • A completely lazy, uneventful weekend! (Quadruple like!)
  • Two kids signed up for baseball/teeball
  • One bathroom closet completely organized!!!
  • Too much Angry Birds
  • A little Sudoku
  • A few sibling quarrels resolved
  • Lots of snow melted....and then some returned to us. (Oh NY you kill me!)
  • Income taxes filed
  • The HOPE of spring's arrival renewed
  • One very excited and sassy 4 year old moves up in Sunday school ("Mom you've got to get your booty moving or we're going to be late for church.")
  • Correction for said 4 year old
  • 2 very good sermons that I really needed to hear (plus a Sunday school class).
  • One afternoon nap.
So begins another week.
How was your weekend?!

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