Friday, March 18, 2011

What's In My Diaper Bag

A couple of my friends are getting ready to have their first babies. So, I just thought maybe you'd be interested in seeing what I carry in my diaper bag. It's nothing earth shattering or anything. (Mostly it just gave me an excuse to play with my new camera!)
I have a Lands End Do It All Diaper Bag. (the older version) I Love it! It opens like a Dr.'s bag so it's stiff along the top and stays open! Plus the light colored lining makes it super easy to find stuff!
This is the changing pad that comes with it! It's large and has 2 zippered pockets that you can fit a couple diapers and wipes in. So if you don't want to bring your whole bag into the store you don't have to!
Diapers, wipes and rash cream.
A change of clothes
Toys! I don't usually carry this many, but Sho and I have been going to various events lately that requires her to sit quietly with me and toys help with that.
Bib, formula (it's in the green container), spare bottle, plastic spoons (which I JUST put in today because I had to feed Sho her baby applesauce using a straw like a spoon last night, it sort of worked)
These are actually in there to keep Gaius occupied when we're out!
Receiving blanket, and wet clothes bag (my bag came with my diaper bag!)
This is my wallet! I think the print is kind of ugly, but it's super duper convenient. I move it from my purse to the diaper bag when I need it and the strap is very handy to run into the store with when I have 4 kids in tow. It's by JuJuBee, and it's really great quality. I got mine from BabySteals , they're on quite often.
Other things I sometimes carry:
Nursing cover
Moby Wrap
Plastic bags for disposing dirty diapers
Sun block
Burp cloth

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