Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mama Files: Projects

I'm such a bad blogger. *sigh* If only there were more hours in a day.
I have all these little mini projects vying for my attention lately. I'm not a fan! I'm trying to prioritize my time.

Here's a list of things we're doing right now (and by we I mostly mean ME).
  1. Getting ready for a vacation in Virginia to have a family reunion with most of my dad's side of the family (my children have never ridden in a car for longer then 3 hours before :-/).
  2. Cleaning up the yard
  3. Praying for a little itty bitty heatwave
  4. Gearing up for Baseball
  5. Purchasing footwear for nearly every member of our family
  6. Planning the decorations for a wedding I've been hired to decorate
  7. Laughing at Shoshannah's crazy super funny and hyper antics
  8. School, school, and more school
  9. Running (both literally and figuratively)
  10. laundry and dishes
And here's the list of things I WANT to be doing
  1. Re-tiling my bathroom ceiling
  2. Sleeping
  3. Laughing at Shoshannah's crazy super funny and hyper antics
  4. Photographing things
  5. Running (literally)
  6. Organizing my basement
  7. Eating bon bons and watching mindless television (do Bon Bons really exist? Cause I've never seen one and I have been a Stay-At-Home-Mom for 9 years now! I thought they were supposed to be one of the job requirements.)

Happy *almost* Hump Day!

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