Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Here! It's Here! It's Finally Here!

My camera that is! And it's technically not HERE, it's at my brother-in-law's house (I think). So it's just in my general vicinity but I'm still excited!

In other news:

Here is what the inside of my UGLIFRUIT looks like! It was really very tasty (a little sour, but I think it wasn't perfectly ripe). On the label it said to eat it sliced in half like a grapefruit, but next time I'm peeling it like a orange and eating it that way.

I HATE croup!!! My head knows it isn't as bad as it sounds and it's just baby laryngitis. But my heart never believes it. Shoshannah is still incredibly happy even though she has a pathetic cough! Unfortunately she isn't sleeping, poor little baby girl,,.and me!

My kids literally ADORE their baby sister! I wish I could remember and document all the little kindnesses they show to her all day EVERYDAY. I hope they always feel that way about her! It turns my heart to mush watching them love on her!

This weather is REALLY starting to wear on me! In the next 10 days it isn't predicted to get above 45° and it's supposed to rain/snow 7 of those days. :-( Come on already spring! Is this the longest winter on record or what?!?

I have been offered a couple new opportunities for this coming fall. I really want to do ALL of them but I'm trying to decide if I really can handle that much on my plate.

I'm SOOO ready for a vacation! Five more weeks and counting.

And now it's time for bed...I'm SO ready! Here's hoping for a full night's rest!

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Carol said...

hey i was right! It is uglifruit!