Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Highlights from Lake Anna

The house. was. huge! (8000 sq. ft. to be exact)
BTW this was the room we stayed in which also happened to be the toy room. No matter how clean I left it, it would end up looking like this by the time I entered again. :-(
So. Many. Cousins all under one roof! (I barely saw my oldest daughter the entire time)
Xavier caught a fish (without bait) all by himself and even took it off the hook and everything.
My cousin Nick purposed to his girlfriend of 5 years! (She said yes)
My 3 little nephews are all VERY early risers and that big house was very echo-y.
Shoshannah got her normal excessive amounts of attention. AND was a little grumpy because she cut a tooth two days before we left and I'm pretty sure she has another one coming in soon.
Marc and I tried kayaking! It was super fun!
We raced and I lost because my husband shoved me into the weeds with his paddle (dirty cheater!) :-)
They had a sandbox which was brilliantly located on a small cliff next to the water. So the kids enjoyed building sand castles in the, much safer, horseshoe pits instead.
This is my brother's 2nd largest fish of the weekend. 15 minutes before we left he caught a 29" Carp using a kiddie fishing pole.

We also had a little "adventure" getting lost in Virginia's back country for 1½ hours, in the middle of a thunderstorm, with an eighth of a tank of gas.
We survived!

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Carol said...

I love kayaking. Michael and I took up the "sport" a few years ago. It is almost warm enough to hit the lakes soon. Looks like you guys had a blast!