Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Do List:

  1. Clean my bedroom- check
  2. Clean Leia's bedroom- check
  3. Clean the Boys' bedroom- check
  4. Clean the bathroom- check
  5. Clean the basement- check (there's always more that can be done down there. But I stopped because I started having an asthma attack, so I think it's good)
  6. Clean the back room [porch]- check
  7. Clean the garage- check
  8. Clean the yard- check (this is the same story as the basement, minus the asthma attack)
  9. Clean the living room- half a check
  10. Clean the kitchen- no check
  11. Clean the front porch-check
I think we're in good shape for Tuesday (that is as long as the kids don't undo everything tomorrow). Phew!! Now let's see if we can stay awake for evening church service. :-)

***A special thanks to Grandma J and Grandpa R for sitting the 2 youngest so that we could get so much done!!!***

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