Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Gingerbread House *Saga*, continued.

New Plan:
I haven't gone into this before now because it's such a crazy unbelievable story and I wanted to know the ending before I explained it all. Well it doesn't look like I'm going to know the ending for quite some time, or maybe this is the ending, who knows.

Anywho, 8 years ago our county went to Marc's grandfather and told him that he had rights to his deceased sister-in-law's house. Assuming he really did have rights, he came to us and asked if we wanted to buy it. In August 2003 he signed it over to us and we bought it from the county, for really cheap.
Now when we went to sell it in June we found out that Marc's grandfather didn't have rights to it after all. As it turns out it should have gone to her side of the family not our side. So now we have had to contact all of her heirs (all 18 of them) and try to get them to sign off on it. So far we've gotten 7 to do this and we are still waiting on the other 11.
Since it's taken so long our buyer has withdrawn their offer which is completely understandable.
So now the only option we have left is to rent it out until we get this whole mess sorted out.
I have mixed feelings about this whole situation and have decided that all we can really do is just go with it. It's just another bump in the road.

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