Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I haven't started on painting yet in fact I haven't even made it to the store to BUY paint yet. I started looking online for color scheme ideas and got distracted. I've decided I'm going to paint the woodwork in my 2 bathrooms...wait for it....WHITE! Boring I know but I want to keep the feel of the upstairs bathroom really clean because it's a small room with a big tub. I'm not entirely sold on what I want to do for the down stairs bathroom yet. It's really odd because it's this big room that has a toilet, sink and now washing machine (and eventually dryer) in it. It also has a big open double doorway (yes my bathroom downstairs doesn't have a door on it yet) and 2 big double windows. The reason this room is up in the air is because we haven't decided on what we are going to do for a shower yet. At the moment I'm thinking about just putting an add on shower on the claw foot tub and then keeping the downstairs bath just a half bath. But then again that's just my idea today who knows what I'll come up with tomorrow.

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