Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to...

The Gingerbread House Saga!
I've been blogging for 3 years today!

In that time we've:
  • Started homeschooling
  • Done some laundry
  • Had some birthdays
  • Had some first crushes
  • Ate some chocolate
  • Gone to some high school musicals
  • Made some gingerbread houses
  • Shoveled some snow
  • Hosted a Fresh Air Fund kid
  • Lost some teeth
  • Gone camping
  • Changed from an-old-lady-car-driver to a I'm-STILL-too-young and cool to drive a-minivan-driver
  • We played some baseball
  • We've visited Canada
  • We welcomed a new little monkey (Shoey, just to be clear) to the mix
  • We've said hello and goodbye to a stray pitbull
  • We've visited Virginia
  • We've played some soccer
  • We've moved to a new town
  • We've survived the chaos and have enjoyed every minute of it!

1 comment:

gingerbread stalker said...

happy birthday baby girl! ya such a friendly lilett monster i am going to buy yhuu a Christmas Tree