Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Improved Gingerbread House

So I have these big plans for sprucing up the Gingerbread house. It's going to be a few months before they are all complete though.

I never actually got around to painting my bedroom last fall when i wanted to. But I did get new bedding and at the moment I'm in the process of scraping the border off the walls. It's going from a dark green to a yellowish golden color (I think).

I am also planning to redecorate the boys' room. Which requires wallpapering, but at least it's tiny. My dad is building the boys custom made captains beds (the kind with the drawers built underneath). So that we can maximize every inch of their room.

And that should take me all of the spring and most of the summer to complete. Oh and have I mentioned, there are 2 weddings, 2 graduations, 2 camping trips, and a baby all happening this summer? :-) Yah! These should take care of all the nesting urges, right?

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